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Heather Rodriguez

I highly recommend Justin and his Upstream Model approach. I started working with Justin and his team a few months ago and found tremendous value in incorporating his Upstream Coaching principles into my business. I found the coaching to be valuable, strategic, and easy to implement. Well worth the investment of time and money! Thank you, Justin!

Cory Wilks

Prepare to have your mind blown with energy, optimism, and incredible service. My mind is still in shock of how the rest of the industry is in the dark ages, and Justin is turning the industry on its ear. Justin is like my iPhone. I never knew I needed the iPhone until I had one. I didn’t know I needed Justin on my team until I met him. Now, I can’t think of doing business without him.

Jennifer Raynak

I got a meeting with my attorney Upstream Partner! I received an email after our time together saying she is 100% confident in referring us, and that she left our lunch feeling empowered and excited!

Shortly thereafter I received a listing opportunity on a million plus dollar home. This couple already had a real estate agent but because I was recommended by their attorney, I had the advantage.

It was worth the effort and I couldn't have done it without Justin and his Upstream Model.

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